Our Anniversary In Melbourne

I wanted to do something special for our anniversary weekend. After some thought, I decided to look into limo hire in Melbourne as a way to chauffeur us to the special events I had planned. The only time we had been in a limousine was our wedding day and it seemed like a fun way to celebrate our life together. I wanted to hire a limousine service that would pull out all the stops and really help to make our anniversary weekend special.

After looking at different companies, I found a limousine service that could provide a stretch limo that would take us to dinner and to our hotel and take us to the events I had planned for the rest of the weekend. The limousine was beautiful and clean inside and out and the chauffeur was impeccably dressed in a suit. Every time we entered the limousine, it was freshly cleaned and had filtered water waiting for us. In the evening, the limousine company had a bottle of chilled champagne waiting for us. It was such a treat and made us feel like a very glamorous couple! In addition to making us feel special for our anniversary, the limousine was a great way to travel. We were able to connect with each other, chat and relax as we were driven to our various events. Not once did we worry about traffic or where to park.

Hiring the limousine was such a great idea and traveling in such style and luxury really made everything feel more special. I look forward to next year’s anniversary as I’m sure a limo hire service will be part of our anniversary celebrations from now on.

Regular Swimsuit vs. Maternity Swimsuit

Regular Swimsuit vs. Maternity Swimsuit I was a frequent visitor to the city pool during my entire first pregnancy. I am someone who has always been fairly modest so I never owned really revealing swimsuits. I was able to wear one of my old swimsuits for most of my pregnancy, but when I reached my seventh month, the reality struck that my body had drastically changed because I went to take off my swimsuit when I got home from the pool one day and found that it had reached its stretching limits.

I could not get the swimsuit off. As I was struggling with the suit I began to feel a little panicky. I went to the kitchen drawer and pulled out a pair of scissors. I cut the swimsuit off. I felt released. I realized right then that I was pretending my body was the same body I had always had, but in reality it was drastically different that I believed in my mind. I changed my clothes and headed to the mall.

I was on a mission to purchase my very first maternity swimsuit. There were so many adorable ones that I ended up purchasing three of them. They were all so comfortable. When I got home, I was thinking about how I must have looked in my old swimsuit to all of the people at the pool. I bet I looked like a stuffed sausage and I didn’t even know it. I wondered if I should be embarrassed to return, but the next day I put on one of my new suits, a brave face and went out and enjoyed another day in the sun.

My Little Miracle

My-Little-MiracleI consider the baby sleeping bag a miracle worker.

Not only does it keep my baby warm and secure at night, it allows my wife and I the chance to get some much needed sleep between feedings and diaper changes.

The way it works is simple.

The baby sleeping bag is designed much like a tiny sack you put your baby into at night. The arms and head stick out of the sack through fitted holes. The baby stays warm and can’t move around too much, which prevents falls and getting tangled up in sheets or blankets.

The baby sleeping bag also comes in various thicknesses depending on the temperature you keep your baby’s room.

For example, in our Danika’s nursery we tried to keep the temperature at 20C and used a sleeping bag with a TOG rating of 2.5. That means the fabric is thick enough to be the equivalent of two and a half blankets.

Those conditions kept Danika comfortable which meant she had longer sleeps. If the temperature got to warm and she overheated, then Danika would wake up and start to cry.

The TOG system was very useful when the weather got cooler outside and we had to bump the nursery temperature up a touch as we ended up dropping down to a baby sleeping bag rated 2.0 and eventually down to 1.5 TOG, which we did gradually.

It all worked out perfectly as we were ultimately concerned about Danika’s comfort and various baby sleeping bags allowed us to adjust whenever necessary to do so.