February Birthstone Amethyst

February Birthstone AmethystThe February birthstone is an amethyst.  A birthstone will help in symbolizing the month in which you were born.  You will find them placed in rings or necklaces.  This particular stone is one of the second minerals that can be found within the earth’s crust.  The amethyst’s color can range from a pink to a deep purple.  If it is subjected to high temperatures it could possibly turn yellow.  This stone was represents power and also the stone of royalty.

Some say that the amethyst has been known to be a symbol of tranquility and peace.  The name came from the Greek.  The meaning of it is “not drunken or sober”.  It was believed that this particular stone wards off any effects which come from alcohol.  This would also include the individual from becoming drunk or intoxicated.

When you are given an amethyst piece of jewelry then it could symbolize protection and power to conquer difficulty.  This stone would be an excellent gift for a special person.  They say that it will help in strengthening your bond in your relationship of love.  It would be an excellent engagement ring stone.  Your special person will have the feeling of being royalty when wearing this particular stone.

These stones have been known to be more valuable than a diamond.  This stone is within the quartz family.  This stone could be found in different ornaments in churches and crosses.  They could also be found in different rings and rosaries which are worn by the bishops and priests.

Commercial Locksmith-Sydney

I decided to check  the security of my business premises with a locksmith in Sydney. They sent a locksmith out to advise me. I said that I was interested in computer coded keys to secure the premises. The locksmith said he could do the rekeying and  supply the grade locks and door closers.

It was a more complex process than I realized. The key services which are restricted need special authorization to copy the keys and must be Abloy, LG1,IP3 or Bi-lock. I should also look at NMB locks and padlocks because an NMB key is used by Water, gas workers and electricians who have to enter the premises to read the meter. I may be able to keep my original key but he explained that that may not be possible depending on the type of key and lock. There is also a new version of the NMB key with increased security features called the Protec key which is not so easy to get hold of as it is only available through one supplier here in Australia.

I might also consider mechanical and electronic systems which do not require a key as I can just change the code. This saves on duplicate keys, the locksmith explained. I asked about magnetic and proximity strip cards as another security option.

We also discussed security grills for doors and windows and different kinds of padlocks  and time delay locks. I asked about panic and exit facilities in case I made a mistake and locked myself in.

Becoming Painters in Brisbane

Becoming Painters in BrisbaneThere were four of us since the very beginning of our group.  We had met at an art conference in Brisbane about ten years ago and became immediate friends.  We all loved to paint and albeit we were not professionals, we weren’t half bad either.  We started hanging out every weekend and eventually decided to paint together so we rented an apartment outside of town.

We eventually hired Bucher’s technology loving kid to make us a website.  It was called Painters in Brisbane and featured all 4 of us and the works we each had done over the years.  We had even developed a little fan club that followed us on the web.  We didn’t know what that meant to follow us on the web, but Bucher’s kid was pretty pleased about it and talked us into making a blog and how that worked.  So eventually we were able to communicate with other painters and art fans and had our little group going.

One day Bob, whom we considered the head of our little group, suggested that we work together and paint a mural across the walls of the apartment.  That we should work as a team and come up with something that represented our love of art, and the love of our town and paint the walls.  It sounded like fun and we put our all into it.

Once we finished we took pictures and had them posted on our website.   It was a hit with our little group of followers and we were all so happy.  Until our landlord saw it and said we wouldn’t be getting our security deposit back.  That’s okay though, we had no plans to leave anyway!

Finding Parrots for Sale

Finding Parrots for SaleI have always loved traveling to any place with a beach. Whether it’s down on the coast or in some tropical paradise, I have always loved soaking up the sun. On a recent trip I decided that I needed to bring some of the tropical paradise home with me and I was having the hardest time figuring out how. Then it hit me; I should look for parrots for sale and have that sense of the island life every day at home!

Understanding Parrots

When talking it over with friends it would seem that most people don’t know very much about parrots. Most are pretty uninformed when it comes to how to take care of them or what it even takes to get one. As I have become more familiar with owning one it has become apparent that the only skill it takes is simply to take a little bit of time and learn about them. While they are of course bigger than your average household bird, that is no reason why they can’t be a wonderful addition to any family. I have never had any major problems with owning one.

Finding a Parrot

You will want to make sure that when you are looking for parrots for sale that you spend a good deal of time researching the parrots you are looking at. You want to make sure that they are healthy and good condition so that you don’t end up regretting your decision later on.

A Motel can be a Fulfilling Small Business

After years working for other people, I was ready to branch out on my own and buy my own business. I wanted something that would be fulfilling and put me in daily contact with customers. I also wanted to stay in my area which sees lots of tourist in the summer. I noticed there were a few motels for sale and the idea of running a small motel started to appeal to me. Since there were several motels available, I narrowed my search to motels in the parts of town that I was most familiar with. After speaking with the owners of a few motels, I decided on one. It was smaller than the other motels but it was close to downtown.

The motel owner was retiring but he agreed to keep in touch for a couple of weeks to answer any questions I had. Boy, am I glad he did! Running a motel, for the most part, can be a one person show. You have to manage everything from maintenance to handling customer issues. Luckily, I was able to keep the two staff members the other motel owner had hired: a cleaning person, and a maintenance person who worked three days a week. I think without their help, I might have given up.

It took several months, but I got the hang of owning and running a motel and I couldn’t be happier. Owning my own motel is fulfilling and exciting. There is always something going on: a new guest to check in, a room that needs to be updated, and vendors to meet with… I always knew I wanted to own my own business and I’m so glad that business is a motel.

Wedding Car Hire in Sydney

I wanted to make sure every detail of my wedding day was special. I noticed that when several of my friends got married, they often overlooked the wedding car. Some choose to drive their own vehicles while others borrowed a fancier car from a family member. I wanted something that looked expensive and high class, but still stayed within our modest wedding budget. One of my aunts suggested that I look into wedding car hire in Sydney, which was the location of our wedding.

After doing some research, I found out that wedding car hire in Sydney can seem quite luxurious, but not cost a small fortune. I found a great wedding car company. They allowed me to select from their fleet of cars. The price also included a driver. Nothing says high class like a chauffeur does.

My groom and I selected a limo from a reputable company and the driver was excellent. The driver made sure their was an opportunity to get photographs of us entering and exiting the car. He even let our wedding photographer take some photos of us enjoying a glass of champagne in the car. He dressed professionally and only stepped into the photography shots when he was asked to by the photographer.

The chauffeur followed every instruction we gave him, which included a pre planned detour to allow more time for our guests to arrive the our reception party. This allowed us to have a second grand entrance at the second location of the celebration.  It was worth every penny we spent our wedding car hire in Sydney.

Types of Masquerade Masks

I went to a masquerade party that was put on by a local charity. I, like most people there, wore a small eye mask that was decorated with beads and feathers. But some guests wore these really ornate and large masks. Some of the masks looked like caricatures of historical figures. It made me wonder how many types of Venetian masks there were. Quite a few, it turns out.

These popular masquerade masks are broken into several categories. One of the categories is Venetian Comedy Masks. This is the type of mask that looks like a caricature. It was invented in the 1500s and Venice citizens wore them to anonymously protest the unfair politics of the time. These masks were satiric and represented archetypes of the time.

Another popular mask type is the Joker mask or Jolly mask. These mask styles have been around for many years and it is a popular figure at Italian Carnivale celebrations. These masks range in size from eye mask that have a joker’s cap or bells that cover the forehead all the way to full face masks that are surrounded by an ornate joker’s ruffled ‘collar’.

Some masks are very luxurious and delicate. They are made of fine materials and have a lot of scrollwork and expensive crystals and pearls as decorations. Many of these masks only cover the eyes and some mimic fragile butterfly and bird wings. These masks were usually popular with women.

There are so many masks types available that it really is possible to find one that fits exactly who you are. Or who you want to pretend to be!

What To Know Before You Buy Patio Furniture

I finally had a chance to refresh my patio with new furniture and plants. The plants were a simple refresh but finding new outdoor furniture was harder than I thought it would be. Here are a few tips for buying outdoor furniture that I wish I’d known before I started.

It is important to know what sort of space you are trying to create. Do you want a place for al fresco dining or something meant for comfortable lounging? Knowing what type of seating area I wanted would have saved me a lot of time and shopping trips. As well as what type of outdoor seating area you want, it is important to measure your space. And remember: a dining table and chairs will take up more room than you think because the chairs need an extra two feet of space- to be moved in and out–and you want around two or three feet of clearance behind chairs so people can move around easily.

Another thing to consider is the material your furniture is made of. Iron is the most durable and heavy. Which is great if you have kids, but it is usually too heavy for grass. Wicker is a little more fragile but it is easier to move around and won’t harm your grass. Then there is wood-framed furniture like mahogany and teak which look beautiful but can be expensive. Before choosing a material, think about the look you are going for, where the furniture will be placed, and your lifestyle. Also think about the upkeep involved with the different materials. Iron is sturdy and would only require a little touch up paint now and then; some people even leave it out all year. But wicker and wood have to be cleaned a few times a season with soapy water and stored during winter.

Church Golf Cart

Church Golf CartWe wanted to find a used golf cart for our church which is a popular place for weddings and receptions. The church has a large lawn and garden area and a used golf cart seemed like the ideal way to transport chairs and other things when we needed to set up for an event.

Like most churches, we needed to be prudent with our funds and we wanted to find a golf cart that was in good shape but not too expensive. I was amazed at how easy it was to find a used golf cart online but buying online didn’t give us the chance to test drive it. After searching a little more, I found a few used golf cart dealers near the church.

We needed a used golf cart that could do double duty as a workhorse and a comfortable ride for event guests who would be more comfortable riding than walking. We were really interested in an electric golf cart for several reasons including an electric used golf cart would be less expensive and quieter than a gas powered golf cart. After comparing the two types though, we realized a gas powered used golf cart would better suit our needs because it would provide a bit more utility.

In the end, we were able to find a used golf cart that was gas powered and fit our needs. It has comfortable leather seats and seats four people. Plus it has a little hitch so we can attach a small cart for those times when we need to haul equipment.

How To Sell Slot Machines Without Using A Dealer

We had several slot machines that we wanted to sell. Instead of going through a gaming equipment dealer, we wanted to try to sell them ourselves. For us, this was the best way to sell them because we were not in a hurry to sell them, we had all of the maintenance records for the machines, and we’ve had slot machines for several years so we knew about how much to charge for them.

The first thing I did was send an email to several of the clubs and pubs in my area letting them know we had slot machines for sale. I wanted the email to have a lot of information but I didn’t want it to be too long so in bullet format, I told the prospective buyers how old the machines were, who we purchased them from, how often they were serviced (and that we had service records) as well as all the other information I knew prospective buyers would want. I also included pictures and said I would be willing to make a deal with a buyer who took all of the slot machines.

Even though casinos usually purchase their slot machines from dealers, I decided it couldn’t hurt to send the email to our local casino but I didn’t expect to hear from them. I guess I should have sent the email to the casino first, because they responded right away that they would be interested in looking at my slot machines. It turns out they were building a small bar on the casino property and wanted to put some slot machines in it. We were able to come to a fair deal and selling directly to the casino allowed me to make more money (and the casino to pay less) than if we had used a gaming equipment dealer.

How to Make Your Wine Taste Better

I’ve always enjoyed wine. I like to keep a few bottles at home for entertaining and to occasionally share a glass at dinner with my husband. I’ve always kept wine in the kitchen fridge but I noticed more and more of our friends and neighbors were getting wine fridges and it made me wonder: wine fridges – are they necessary?

I set out to figure out if wine fridges were just trendy, like a Panini press or were they actually useful.

The first thing I learned was that if you want to chill wine, the kitchen fridge is the worst place to put your wine. It turns out refrigerators are designed to keep humidity away from the fridge contents but wines need humidity because it keeps corks fresh. Storing wine in a kitchen refrigerator is the fastest way to dry out a cork and spoil the wine. Also, according to experts, all wines, including reds should be served chilled; although white is served much colder than red.

I still wasn’t sure if I was sold on the necessity of a wine fridge so I asked my neighbor if I could do an experiment with her wine fridge. I grabbed a bottle of white wine and one of red that my husband and I drink most often and put them in her wine fridge. I already enjoyed the flavor of these two wines and I wanted to see if there was a noticeable difference between the wines being kept in my fridge and the wines being kept in a wine chiller.

Hands down, the wines from the wine fridge was so much better. They tasted crisper and were more flavorful. It was all the convincing I needed to invest in a small counter top wine fridge.

Our Anniversary In Melbourne

I wanted to do something special for our anniversary weekend. After some thought, I decided to look into limo hire in Melbourne as a way to chauffeur us to the special events I had planned. The only time we had been in a limousine was our wedding day and it seemed like a fun way to celebrate our life together. I wanted to hire a limousine service that would pull out all the stops and really help to make our anniversary weekend special.

After looking at different companies, I found a limousine service that could provide a stretch limo that would take us to dinner and to our hotel and take us to the events I had planned for the rest of the weekend. The limousine was beautiful and clean inside and out and the chauffeur was impeccably dressed in a suit. Every time we entered the limousine, it was freshly cleaned and had filtered water waiting for us. In the evening, the limousine company had a bottle of chilled champagne waiting for us. It was such a treat and made us feel like a very glamorous couple! In addition to making us feel special for our anniversary, the limousine was a great way to travel. We were able to connect with each other, chat and relax as we were driven to our various events. Not once did we worry about traffic or where to park.

Hiring the limousine was such a great idea and traveling in such style and luxury really made everything feel more special. I look forward to next year’s anniversary as I’m sure a limo hire service will be part of our anniversary celebrations from now on.

Regular Swimsuit vs. Maternity Swimsuit

Regular Swimsuit vs. Maternity Swimsuit I was a frequent visitor to the city pool during my entire first pregnancy. I am someone who has always been fairly modest so I never owned really revealing swimsuits. I was able to wear one of my old swimsuits for most of my pregnancy, but when I reached my seventh month, the reality struck that my body had drastically changed because I went to take off my swimsuit when I got home from the pool one day and found that it had reached its stretching limits.

I could not get the swimsuit off. As I was struggling with the suit I began to feel a little panicky. I went to the kitchen drawer and pulled out a pair of scissors. I cut the swimsuit off. I felt released. I realized right then that I was pretending my body was the same body I had always had, but in reality it was drastically different that I believed in my mind. I changed my clothes and headed to the mall.

I was on a mission to purchase my very first maternity swimsuit. There were so many adorable ones that I ended up purchasing three of them. They were all so comfortable. When I got home, I was thinking about how I must have looked in my old swimsuit to all of the people at the pool. I bet I looked like a stuffed sausage and I didn’t even know it. I wondered if I should be embarrassed to return, but the next day I put on one of my new suits, a brave face and went out and enjoyed another day in the sun.

My Little Miracle

My-Little-MiracleI consider the baby sleeping bag a miracle worker.

Not only does it keep my baby warm and secure at night, it allows my wife and I the chance to get some much needed sleep between feedings and diaper changes.

The way it works is simple.

The baby sleeping bag is designed much like a tiny sack you put your baby into at night. The arms and head stick out of the sack through fitted holes. The baby stays warm and can’t move around too much, which prevents falls and getting tangled up in sheets or blankets.

The baby sleeping bag also comes in various thicknesses depending on the temperature you keep your baby’s room.

For example, in our Danika’s nursery we tried to keep the temperature at 20C and used a sleeping bag with a TOG rating of 2.5. That means the fabric is thick enough to be the equivalent of two and a half blankets.

Those conditions kept Danika comfortable which meant she had longer sleeps. If the temperature got to warm and she overheated, then Danika would wake up and start to cry.

The TOG system was very useful when the weather got cooler outside and we had to bump the nursery temperature up a touch as we ended up dropping down to a baby sleeping bag rated 2.0 and eventually down to 1.5 TOG, which we did gradually.

It all worked out perfectly as we were ultimately concerned about Danika’s comfort and various baby sleeping bags allowed us to adjust whenever necessary to do so.

Tungsten Wedding Bands

I am the very happy and pleased owner of a tungsten wedding band.  I have had this ring for many rings and it still shines like the day my loving wife slipped it on my finger at our wedding.

It’s a wide band ring and shines like platinum.  I have even received a few compliments on it from people whose rings have lost some of the shine it originally had in the beginning but now was dull and scratched and how did mine stay so sharp.

I get happy when I tell them about the rings my wife and I have that will be as shiny as day one.  Tungsten wedding bands are amazing and if you and your partner aren’t as happy with yours, I tell them to go to their nearest jewelry store and browse their selection.  The selections are more extensive now because it is becoming more popular through jewelry trends as my wife has bought a ring for her other hand made of tungsten set with a small circular gem, one for each of our birthstones.

Telling people before they get married to look into the option of getting tungsten is a wonder because most have seen wedding rings over the years, such as their parents, look dull and scratched.  It’s a good feeling when I can give out information that might make someone as happy with their rings as I am with mine and as my wife is with hers as well.